The First Cycle: 2 June 2015 to 11 January 2018

Welcome to the Wessex Cycle! This site aims to encourage readers to (re-)discover the extensive oeuvre of English writer Thomas Hardy through a very relaxed form of communal reading and discussion.

Each cycle begins on a five-year anniversary of Hardy’s birth and ends on the next five-year anniversary of his death — this is a period of two years and seven months.

There is only one rule: throughout the course of the Wessex Cycle, you should aim to read some of Thomas Hardy’s works. How many? That’s entirely up to you. Hardy wrote 14 novels, over 50 short stories and over 900 poems, so there’s plenty to (re-)discover. If you like, you can blog about your reading (or record a podcast!), and either link back to this site, or submit your piece to be posted here if you don’t have a blog of your own (or don’t wish to use it for this project).

Leave a comment here if you’d like your participation to be recorded, and you’ll be added to the participant’s list (coming soon).

Happy reading!

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